Cooperation with Rotork Actuator for CNG Project

We worked with Rotork to supply their RC, CP and GP Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuators with our GLT Ball Valves for a CNG Project.

Fake GLT Valves Found

Dear Customers and End Users of GLT Valves products, PT. Valvindo Megah as the sole authorized agent and distributor of GLT Valves products in the region has found cases of counterfeit and non-authentic GLT Valves products in circulation in Indonesia.

We advise customers and end users of GLT Valves products that suspect that the GLT Valves products that they have or procure are not authentic to contact us for verification. We will investigate all such cases and will look to prosecute all related parties involved in such counterfeiting actions.

Moved into Our New Facility

We moved into our new manufacturing facility on 15th May 2014. The new facility is equipped with the latest machinery and testing equipments to meet our customers stringent requirements.

Fully Welded Ball Valve Product Range

We have developed a new range of Fully Welded Ball Valve products. The welding are done using Lincoln Welding machines for the highest quality welding and finish.